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John's Story

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The Magic of Red Cedar


Building Furniture,

Building Communities.


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John Lachance’s love of woodworking started at the age of seven with a hammer, a bag of nails, and a treehouse.  Over the next five decades his passion and proficiency in woodworking grew in equal measure.  Acorn Woodworks is the culmination of that passion.


Today, Acorn builds exceptional, handcrafted, locally-made, and sustainably-produced Adirondack-inspired outdoor furniture and accessories using the finest materials and classic woodworking techniques.  Our product line includes:


  • A full line of chairs, benches, footrests, and tables built in the classic Adirondack style.

  • A complete line of Garden Furniture including garden chairs, director chairs, benches, swings, coolers and tables.

  • A Kids Furniture line including children’s chairs, benches, rockers and tables.

  • A line of fun and functional Entertaining Accessories designed to enhance your time outdoors.





We are driven by a passion for woodworking and the pursuit of happiness to the third power … happiness for our customers, happiness for our team, and happiness for the individuals we help through our Charitable Giving Program.


At Acorn, we haven’t met our expectations, until we’ve exceeded yours. All of our furniture is backed by our “Pure Happiness” guarantee.  If for any reason you're not happy, we’ll repair it, replace it or refund your money, no questions asked.




Acorn places great importance on our environment and on our community, with an eye toward an even better community. We strive to be the company that is trusted by its customers, not just for the products we produce, but for the way in which we respect the earth’s resources, environment, and inhabitants. With that in mind, we undertake a variety of initiatives to build beautiful furniture while treading lightly on our planet.


Acorn uses both eastern and western red cedar exclusively.  Why red cedar?  It's an amazing, renewable resource that is ideal for outdoor furniture. With its unsurpassed natural beauty, aromatic fragrance and a natural resistance to rot and decay, it is the perfect choice for our Adirondack-inspired furniture.


Red Cedar is:


  • Sourced from the most sustainably-managed forests in the world.

  • Light and strong.  At 60% the weight of oak, it has 80% of oak’s strength.

  • Rot resistant.  Naturally-occurring chemical compounds provide resistance to rot and decay and provides a natural deterrent to wood-damaging insects.

  • Cool in hot weather.  Its cellular structure makes it a natural insulator.  Unlike metal or composite outdoor furniture, cedar will stay cool even on hot, sunny days.

  • Resistant to dimensional changes such as cupping, cracking, and splitting due to fluctuations in heat and humidity.


In addition to only using materials that are sustainably produced, Acorn is committed to our environment:


  • 25% of our electricity is generated from solar power.

  • We recycle any metal, plastic, paper and corrugate we generate.

  • We compost 100% of the sawdust we create.

  • 100% of our “cutoffs” are repurposed into fire-starters.

  • We never use toxic chemically treated lumber (pressure-treated lumber).

  • We never use HDPE (high-density polyethylene) a.k.a. plastic lumber.


​Learn more about cedar at “Cedar Green Facts” in the video below:


Passion With Purpose

What started off as a passion for woodworking has morphed into a Passion with Purpose.  Acorn Woodworks is committed to strengthening our community and donates 100% of our year-end profits to local charities. Our recipients are the organizations featured below.

Hulburt Johnson
Friendship House

Frequently Asked Questions

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